Welcome to
Nature's Vision Studio of Taxidermy, LLC !

I have always been an avid outdoors man, whether it was camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting. Along with the outdoors, I absolutely love Retrievers. Therefore, it seems quite fitting that although I enjoy all types of hunting, a special place in my heart has always been dedicated to bird hunting.

Countless days and long hours of backyard training, anxiously awaiting the day when your pup would be big enough to tackle the job at hand. I have especially fond memories of my golden retriever, Sierra, and her first duck hunt. We watched as a huge flock of mallards locked their wings ready to dive into the decoys! Sure enough, two downed birds and Sierra was off to the races on her very first retrieve. There is nothing more rewarding than watching all that hard work culminate in your well trained dog bringing that downed bird back to your hand.

Whether it was a flushing pheasant from a hedgerow or a long retrieve of a downed mallard across a beaver pond, I felt there must be a way to cherish the hunt and the memory of those birds in a more lasting way. Often times, a special moment presents itself during a hunt where we wished we would have had a camera or been able to have taken a picture to share with friends and family.

I therefore taught myself the art of bird taxidermy. In doing so, I found I could recreate those moments and the various stories each bird told for posterity. My hobby has now become my passion.

After much poking and prodding from family and close friends, I decided to turn that passion into what has now become my business, Nature's Vision Studio of Taxidermy, LLC. which I now operate out of my home.

One on one lessons, numerous seminars and many birds later I have been able to bring my birds to the next level. Having spent countless hours in the marsh chasing ducks, as well as walking many a hedgerow anticipating that heart-racing flush of an upland bird, has allowed me to observe the birds in their natural habitat. I put this knowledge and my attention to detail into every bird that I do

We have decided to spread our wings here at Nature's Vision and have opened our studio up to all forms of taxidermy. This will include Whitetails, life-size mammals as well as fish. We hope you consider us for your next trophy mount.  Good luck and safe hunting!


The 2014 duck stamp is the Canvasback. Every year we offer a discount to our customers if you bring in "the duck of the year" to get mounted along with your stamp.